Hamilton Ambassador

A few months ago, I noticed a posting for a position in the Hamilton Business Ambassador Program …. not that I was looking for a job, I already have one. But I loved the idea of explaining to others how great Hamilton is. So I’ve set out on an extension of my current career as a real estate agent to become Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Ambassador via the internet.

I’ve grown up in Hamilton, attended school in Hamilton, worked in Hamilton, been raising my children and enjoying this city as my home. I won’t claim to “know it all” about Hamilton. But I do know a lot and interested to learn more about the city.

Let’s explore the neighbourhoods of this diverse city together.

Downtown vs. down town

As a young child, I lived on the West Mountain. To go downtown, we drove down the mountain. I always believed that downtown meant that you physically travelled “DOWN” to get downtown…. I was surprised to discover that this is not necessary in other towns and cities.  

The Niagara Escarpment (the “Mountain”) basically runs through the middle of the city of Hamilton. It’s truly a geographical masterpiece. The view of the side of the Mountain can be enjoyed by looking up from several neighbourhoods nestled at the bottom of the Escarpment. The view from the top can be seen from several look-out points along the brow of the Escarpment.

In the early years of settlement in Hamilton, the Escarpment proved to be an enormous obstacle in terms of travel. In order for the city to grow, transportation to the top of the Escarpment evolved. There are now several ways to travel up and down the Mountain.

By car or bus, via one of the several accesses and cuts through the Escarpment:

  • Kenilworth Access
  • Sherman Access (pictured below)
  • Sherman Cut
  • Jolley Cut
  • Claremont Access
  • West 5th Access aka James Mountain Rd
  • Garth/Queen Street Access aka Beckett Drive



As a pedestrian, via one of the city’s sets of stairs.

  • Chedoke
  • Dundurn
  • James
  • Wentworth
  • Kenilworth

 Click on this link for more info about the Hamilton Mountain Steps  http://www.myhamilton.ca/articles/mountain-steps

If you are cycling around the city, don’t despair! Some of the stairs have bike troughs to enable you to make the trek up the steps and easily bring your bike with you. All of the city buses have accommodations

Splash Pad, Playgrounds and Hamilton Children's Museum at Gage Park in Hamilton, Ontario

This Sea Serpent can be found at the splash pad in Gage Park. It’s not quite warm enough yet, but this is a great place to take the kids to cool off after working up a sweat at the playground in the park.

Gage Park is approximately 70 acres of greenspace located at the base of the escarpment, between Lawrence Road and Main St. East at Gage Avenue. Free parking is available in the parking  lot off of Lawrence Road or on one of the side streets near the park.

There are two playgrounds at the park. The one pictured above can be found close to Gage Avenue and conveniently next to the washroom and splash pad. The other playground is next to the Children’s Museum. For current hours and admission fees, click here: http://www.hamilton.ca/CultureandRecreation/Arts_Culture_And_Museums/HamiltonCivicMuseums/ChildrensMuseum/

But alas, this isn’t “just a building”…. Eugenia Gage was the last person to live in this home. (For more info to come about Eugenia Gage - keep following or subscribe to my blog)

If your taking the children to the Hamilton Children’s Museum, take a minute to appreciate the historical features of the building and visit the playground too.

Look forward to future blogs about Gage Park and the Blakely neighbourhood.